Product and marketing consultancy is available for both large and small brands, as well as individual advice on bespoke commissions or styling


Brand consultancy

Over the years, Simon has helped more than a dozen brands with the development of their product and their route to market. 

Often the most challenging thing for a new brand is connections - getting to know the right factories for production, the best PR agencies for promotion, and the best influencers for pushing product to their followers. 

But other advice can also be invaluable, for example context on the market being launched into, suggestions on advertising, or copy writing.  

Private consultancy

Many readers of Permanent Style leave regular comments asking for Simon's advice on their clothing decisions - both what to buy and how to wear it. 

When these online exchanges are not enough, some request a regular session - either face to face or by video chat - to talk about their challenges.

While both more expensive and time consuming, Simon's clients find it can put their whole wardrobe on the right footing, and set them up for years' worth of pleasurable wardrobe-building. 

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