Simon Crompton

Menswear journalist

About Simon

A journalist with a passion for classic men's elegance, Simon writes freelance articles for several international magazines as well as running his own website, Permanent Style.

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Permanent Style

Simon Crompton

Permanent Style is the biggest men’s style blog in Europe, with over 300,000 hits a month. It has listed by the New York Times as one of the world’s top ten men’s blogs, and by The Times as one of the 15 best men's style websites.

The philosophy of Permanent Style is to bring real journalism to menswear. To a world that is only catered to in print by sycophantic, shallow profile features.

Permanent Style states that fit is more important than anything else. That colour comes second and has great potential for men that understand it. And that you should enjoy your fashion cycle while it lasts.

It is the home of The Italian Background and the Logical Waistcoat Theory. It coins the phrases for an industry.

Men's style is about weaves and lengths, about subtle ideas of proportion and balance. It is fascinating and interest in it can add great joy to one's life.


“Simon, your sense of colour combination is to me brilliant. I consistently see a pattern of talent when it comes to your pointing out unique colour and patterning. I appreciate these pieces, and always keep my eye on what you are focusing your eye on for us to consider”
Nicola Linza

“Congratulations on such a well executed style blog. I find your blog invigorating, as well as a sort of hip rosetta stone into the business chic world”

“I'll be talking about this with my co-worker tomorrow! Thanks for sharing great information and fascinating stories. I enjoy reading your blog always”